1) What is emagni.com?

emagni.com is online portal for practicing competitive exams, previous year question papers, chapter wise practice tests, model exams, college faculty test, college tests , and you can participate in online discussion form .

2) Who can be emagni.com user?

Students who are preparing for competitive exams like JEE MAIN, NEET, BITSAT, IIT and faculties who is teaching in pre university colleges, and pre university colleges and XI and XII colleges and faculties.

3) Is emagni.com is free to use ?

No, It is not Free, but by paying its pricing for service subscribed user entile to get this platform.

4) Is Training is necessary to use emagni.com?

No, Its very user friendly and user can start using the same with basic computer knowledge.

5) How many practice tests I can take by paying INR 2500/-?

You can take unlimited practice tests.

6) What are subjects are included in career-turn.com?

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

7) Is this app will work for ios users?

No, currently app is available at Google playstore only. But ios user can login from website https://www.emagni.com/

8) How this platform will help us to get better results in the Competitive exams?

Examwise student's performance report will be shown and Examwise rank will be alloted to each student depending on his/her performance

9) Faculty tests means?

Faculties who is registering in emagni.com can conduct model exams

10) Can we search colleges through this app?


11) What is online discussion forum?

It is a platform to post your doubts and queries.

12) Question is not in above list? Where to raise concern ?

Can call us or drop the mail to support@emagni.com.